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I'm just an ordinary gal living an extraordinary life in the small mountain town of McCall, Idaho. And I'm on a mission to help you feel like a local and experience that "away from it all" vibe.


Trees near Goose Lake, Idaho

photographer + explorer

Mountain Town has been an idea since I moved to McCall and fell in love with the small town life back in 2013. I fairly quickly came up with the name to help capture all the wildness and adventure of living life on the edge of the Payette National Forest.


I worked hard in those early days to find trails and adventures. Friends hadn't yet been made and the internet was seriously lacking in beta. Dreaming of a travel blog with photos and trip reports, I decided to create the thing I desperately needed for myself.


Almost a decade later and... well, work and life got in the way. But now. I have that beta. I've had those excursions. And now, it's time to share.


Mountain Town is a combination of ART + ADVENTURE. Adventure comes first. It is the reason we all end up here, whether for a day trip or a lifetime. Art is what comes from that adventure. I hope first that I can help you find the perfect sized exploit for your trip. And if so, I hope you'll leave with one of my souvenirs to take a piece of the adventure home with you.





My first creations were the prints on wood and metal that have been available for years around town and through my photography site.


Joining Gallery 55, our local art cooperative, quickly inspired me to start creating "art" from my photos. All of the skilled painters and artists really kicked my desire into gear and one day I just started trying to produce.


The first addition to this new form of media was the trucker hat with patches that originated from my photographs from about town.


Next up were the bags. I had a treasure trove of converted sketches and artwork from my photographs just waiting for a good outlet. A quick and inspiring photography convention took care of that!


Another photographer with ties to McCall introduced me to the "wearable art" concept and I was off and running. It was a light bulb moment to say the least and the most fun creatively I've had in years.


Now I am looking at things differently, rather than as just a photograph. There is still more to explore here and always new art to be created.



curious about my origin story? have a peak at Melissa Shelby Photography to see what my day job looks like.


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